Title: Knowledge, Research & Education at University and in Industry
Authors: Vobecký, Jan
Year: 2010
Language: eng
Abstract: After twenty five years of experience in the research, education and industrial cooperation at the Czech Technical University in Prague, the author of this contribution left into the industry. Working in the field of research and technology development of the multinational high-tech company, he has received a complementary picture on the organization, methodology and control strategies governing the Knowledge, Research and Education (KRE) in the industry. With the personal experience from these two worlds, he will talk about contemporary approaches to the KRE at both the University and Industry. He will present state-of-the-art practices from Knowledge Management Control, planning, reviewing and efficiency metrics of Research, the application of Learning Management Systems, etc. Their brief discussion aims to answer the question: What can today's University learn from modern Industry and vice versa in favor of a future growth?
Keyword(s): hodnocení vědy; průmysl; systém pro řízení výuky; univerzity; výzkum
English keyword(s): industry; learning management system; LMS; research; research evaluation; universities
Conference/Event: KRE 10: Knowledge, Research, Education, Prague (CZ), 2010-09-09 / 2010-09-10
Rights: Dílo je chráněno podle autorského zákona č. 121/2000 Sb. Licence Creative Commons Uveďte autora-Neužívejte dílo komerčně-Nezasahujte do díla 3.0 Česko This work is protected under the Copyright Act No. 121/2000 Coll. License: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Czech Republic

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