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11. Towards Open Science: challenges and way forward for European universities
Finance, Jean-Pierre
Professor Jean-Pierre Finance, Chair of the EUA Science2.0/Open Science Expert Group, will explain EUA approach towards Open Science by bringing together first-hand information and experience from three main areas: 1) Open Access policies (universities through EUA’s survey on Open Science - data from 500 universities; research councils – through Plan S); 2) financial aspects, through its survey on "Big Deals" (data from 31 National Consortia) and Publish&Read Project; 3) research assessment for research careers (briefing). [...]
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12. Open Access and Plan S for Researchers
O'Neill, Gareth
A coalition of national research funders in Europe has recently set funding criteria that all research publications should be issued in full and immediate Open Access. [...]
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13. Nové kompetencie akademickej knižnice: otvorená veda, otvorené repozitáre
Černohlávková, Petra; Vyčítalová, Hana
Konferenci uspořádala Univerzita Pavla Jozefa Šafárika v Košicích v rámci akce Týždeň vedy a techniky na Slovensku, hlavními tématy byly repozitáře a otevřený přístup. [...]
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14. Measuring the value of open access ETDs in the Algerian digital repositories: an evaluative study
Mettai, Khaled; Boumarafi, Behdja
V posledních letech vzniká stále více šedé literatury a zejména vysokoškolských závěrečných prací v digitální podobě [...]
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15. From interlending to resource sharing between scholars?: an analysis of recent developments
Saarti, Jarmo; Tuominen, Kimmo
Even though resource sharing between scholars is evolving rapidly, we still have paper-based interlibrary lending (ILL) procedures in use. [...]
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16. Engineering a powerfully simple interlibrary loan experience with InstantILL
Paxton, Mike; Maixner, Gary; McArthur, Joseph; Baich, Tina
IUPUI University Library (UL) has long recognized the need to advance open access and the crucial role resource sharing services play in bridging between the subscription-based world and an Open world. [...]
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17. Analysis of the development direction of a conceptual academic library resource sharing service based on a case study of DXY
Niu, Xiaofei; Zhang, Ling; Han, Li
Under a global environment characterized by open and complex information, academic library resource-sharing practitioners should observe the information-service market beyond a “library-oriented” setting and rethink the development direction of the service. [...]
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18. The conundrum of resource sharing in Zimbabwe: case of academic libraries
Chisita, Collence Takaingenhamo; Fombad, Madeleine
Resource sharing has gained impetus among academic libraries as they seek novel and innovative ways to provide for the dynamic and complex needs of users. [...]
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19. ABC: Amsterdam Blended Collections: The Local Amsterdam Cultural Heritage Linked Open Data Network
Koster, Lukas
The presentation will discuss the organisational and technical issues of the project on two levels: 1) the central platform (blend/aggregate or de-blend/distribute) and 2) the various local situations of participating institutions, leading to different blending/de-blending approaches, focusing on the Library of the University of Amsterdam Special Collections (using Catmandu as ETL tool for MARC to RDF)..
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20. DeepGreen: Blending Data to Transform the German Scientific Publication Landscape to More Open Access
Dierkes, Thomas; Goltz-Fellgiebel, Julia A.
In this talk, the technical difficulties and the corresponding solutions of the tasks at hand, to automatically blend in legal information with given metadata, are illustrated. [...]
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