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1. Data ve službách novinářů
Šlerka, Josef; Minařík, Karel; Skuhrovec, Jiří; Knitl, Jiří
V posledních letech se stává světovým trendem tzv. [...]
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2. The Big Clean Conference 2012 Opening
Mynarz, Jindřich
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3. Ask Anything Session
Zijlstra, Ton; Bounegru, Liliana; Barr, Caelainn; Levine, Thomas ; et al
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4. ScraperWiki Tutorial
Levine, Thomas
The objective of the workshop, or better hackathon, was to get the data into a structured format, and join it with data from another sources – together with an overview and showing by example what is possible with scraping. [...]
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5. Using European Data in Journalism
Barr, Caelainn
The European Union is awash with numbers. [...]
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6. Why data journalism is something you too should care about
Bounegru, Liliana
Journalists today are faced with an overwhelming abundance of data [...]
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7. Community Tools as a platform for bringing relevant open data to your community
Laupmaa, Henri
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8. On the money trail: OpenSpending
Lindenberg, Friedrich
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9. ODCleanStore Framework
Michelfeit, Jan
We present an ODCleanStore framework (1) enabling management of Linked Data on the Web and (2) providing web applications with a possibility to consume cleaned and integrated Linked Data according to their needs..
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10. Strigil: A framework for data extraction
Zvirinský, Peter
Data scraping is a way to gather and integrate data from different data sources. [...]
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