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11. Firemní služby
Pokorný, Jan
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12. Konference EFI 2019: poslední rok udržitelnosti: NTK v roce 2019 a její strategické záměry na roky 2020–2024
Národní technická knihovna; Dibuszová, Eva
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13. INFOS 2017: 39. medzinárodné informatické sympózium
Horová, Iva
Konference INOFS přinesla jako obvykle širokou škálu problémů a témat, které se aktuálně na Slovensku, ale nejen zde, řeší. [...]
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14. The KIT Library Karlsruhe
Erchinger, Philipp
Prezentace a video z přednášky Philippa Erchingera o knihovně KIT (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology) a jejích službách. [...]
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15. Project ReShare: an open, community-owned, resource sharing solution
Dethloff, Nora; Ibbotson, Ian; Rose, Kristina; Thompson, Sydney
The ReShare Community is a group of libraries, information organizations, and developers, with both commercial and non-commercial interests, who came together in 2018 to create a new and open approach to library resource sharing systems. [...]
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16. ILL for e-books: four years of experience - learning to walk
Gillitzer, Berthold
Currently, ILL is sometimes regarded as an old-fashioned standard service of libraries which becomes obsolete through the plenty of information available on the internet. [...]
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17. Engineering a powerfully simple interlibrary loan experience with InstantILL
Paxton, Mike; Maixner, Gary; McArthur, Joseph; Baich, Tina
IUPUI University Library (UL) has long recognized the need to advance open access and the crucial role resource sharing services play in bridging between the subscription-based world and an Open world. [...]
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18. Aside from payment: the experience of acquisition and mutual use of resources in the Belarus Agricultural Library
Babaryka-Amelchanka, Veranika; Muravitskaya, Ryma; Shakura, Natallia
In order to provide users quality information in conjunction with the optimization of financial costs for information resources of the library, they use the opportunity of free acquisition and actively develop cooperation with other libraries and information centers in the field of document changing and resource sharing. [...]
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19. Analysis of the development direction of a conceptual academic library resource sharing service based on a case study of DXY
Niu, Xiaofei; Zhang, Ling; Han, Li
Under a global environment characterized by open and complex information, academic library resource-sharing practitioners should observe the information-service market beyond a “library-oriented” setting and rethink the development direction of the service. [...]
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20. Beyond Academic Support: using a CRM System to Enhance the Value of Academic Services and Improve Internal Training
Chodounská, Alena; Ryzhkov, Alexey
This case study from National Library of Technology in Prague describes the use of customer relation management (CRM) software by the User Support Team in order to keep a record of provided academic support services provided and—most importantly—to ensure continuous improvement and appropriate analysis of these services. [...]
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