Sivertsen, Gunnar

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  • PublikaceOtevřený přístup
    Experiences with a bibliometric indicator for performance-based funding of research institutions in Norway
    (2012) Sivertsen, Gunnar
    In 2005, Norway implemented a performance based funding model for the Higher Education Sector with a weighted indicator based on complete data (in journals, series and books) for the scientific publication output at the level of institutions. A similar indicator was implemented in Denmark and Flanders (Belgium) in 2009 and is presently being developed in Finland for implementation in 2015. Norway has recently made all publicly funded research institutions outside the Higher Education Sector use the indicator as well. The data source for the indicator is a national Current Research Information System which is partially supported by import from other relevant sources, such as the ISI Web of Science. An evaluation of the indicator took place in Denmark in 2012. Another one will soon start up in Norway. I will describe how the indicator was designed and report from the experiences with it since 2005, partly by referring the main concerns, discussions and criticisms and partly by demonstrating trends empirically with bibliometrics.
  • PublikaceOtevřený přístup
    Data quality and consistency in Scopus and Web of Science in their indexing of Czech Journals
    (2016-09-15) Mika, Pavel; Szarzec, Jakub; Sivertsen, Gunnar
    This study addresses the discussion of “quality versus coverage” that often arises if a choice is needed between Scopus and Web of Science (WoS). We present a new methodology to detect problems in the quality of indexing procedures. Our preliminary findings indicate the same degree and types of errors in Scopus and WoS. The more serious errors seem to occur in the indexing of cited references, not in the recording of traditional metadata.