Aside from payment: the experience of acquisition and mutual use of resources in the Belarus Agricultural Library

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In order to provide users quality information in conjunction with the optimization of financial costs for information resources of the library, they use the opportunity of free acquisition and actively develop cooperation with other libraries and information centers in the field of document changing and resource sharing. In I.S. Lupinovich Belarus Agricultural Library of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus there is functional system which includes, along with paid opportunities, mechanisms for free replenishment of its fund and mutual use of documents. Free acquisition of the fund is possible both thanks to acts regulated by the state and the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, and through the development of partnerships with other libraries, organizations, and individuals through international exchange of documents, function of FAO depository, and receiving literature as a gift. The mutual use of resources is based on national and international interlibrary lending, participation in the World Network of Agricultural Libraries, and cooperation agreements with other libraries. The existing mechanisms contribute to ensuring access of Belarusian users to the world information resources on agriculture, as well as integration of the national sectoral information into the world information space with reduced financial costs.

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