Czech Grey Literature and Research Outputs - Transformation of the NUŠL Service

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The Czech National Repository of Grey Literature (NUSL) has been bringing GL to science and society over 10 years. It is based on Lisbon definition from 1997, updated in 2004, and on its own document typology that was created in 2008 as one of the outputs of the same name project. Since then there have been several papers and articles calling for new definition and new typology, asking what should be still considered GL and what not anymore. (Savić, 2017; Baxter and Hilbrecht, 2020) Savic (2019) pointed out that if everything can be marked as GL then probably nothing is GL. The NUSL already had to change its typology few times to provide still good service and to reflect research institutions’ needs. However, it is not only the document typology that influences the repository and the service, there are other circumstances which affect further development of the NUSL such as partner institutions’ needs, the National Research, Development and Innovation Policy, European Commission’s guidelines on research outputs, current quantity and quality of other repositories and systems for grey literature and research results in the Czech Republic etc. The contribution/paper will bring a brief overview on NUSL’s experience over 10 years of providing the service. Then it will be focused on a current situation in research area of the Czech Republic in detail. Finally, out of these points will conclude to the necessary changes that has to be taken by NUSL and his provider – National Library of Technology in Prague, in order to keep the service meaningful.

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Národní úložiště šedé literatury, šedá literatura, digitální repozitáře, výzkum, vývoj a inovace, Czech National Repository of Grey Literature, grey literature, digital repositories, research, development and innovation